Excerpt from "The Button", Theatre, George Douatzis
Ionic Centre Edition, 2011 [first edition Exantas, 2004]


GIANNIS: The point is to have a lifetime goal. How can you mock yourself until the end? And then, not to let anything upcoming? So I convinced them. Isolation, guys? Isolation. But shouldn't I find something to kill my time here? A target? So I found the simple. The simplest. Aren't you a chemical? Search something in your area. What do you do here?


So I thought the fascinating, the great. To analyze a button. Yes, this button here. Very useful, everyday, cheap, discredited, but important. It gives me the order I want. Research, search, find information on what constituted. The chemical formula of words. What elements make up this poor, defenseless button, which is also tremendously useful. This important thing. This trivial forever. And how could it not be all that, poor button that gives me a view of life, reason being?


And they did it. Of course, I imagine already, believe me, apart from killer and crazy, but I did the favor and gave me the tools. That is what gave me, from my lab moved them here. Do not harm the poor and our state.


Stelios: Do you see him? He has all the elements of an intelligent man. Associations, logical arguments, existential dilemmas, and outlets. Amazing. I wish I had your mind, my friend...


MARINA: if everyone were like him, will close the shop... the clinic... I mean the offices.




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