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The company Tombros - Koniaris, founded in 1958 and is now among the leading companies in the import and marketing of accessories and metal buttons (tailor buttons, caps, press buttons, eyelets etc.) for clothing, footwear and leather.
For over 50 years it is serving customers importing and distributing products of all known houses in Europe and worldwide, as STOCKO, MINITEC, FIOCCHI and OMS.


Our continuously extending network trades products that are manufactured due to the European standards and laws like free nickel, and are always followed by OECO-TEX and ISO certificates.


Since 2000, the management passed into the hands of the second generation of two families and the
company's operations expand.
Apart from importing, marketing, supporting and distributing of products, the company is now covering other areas such as:
- Supply of automatic machines for installation in caps, jeans buttons & rivets, press buttons.
- Supply air semiautomatic machines.
- Supply of handheld machines.
It is also offering technical support for the proper operation of machines and their maintenance (service).


The Greek market compared to other EU markets must and can grow and improve much more, particularly in terms of quality and expertise and it is continuously generating demands for quality products, innovative and of high standards. The company Tombros - Koniaris believes in the potential of development of the Greek market and stands next to the efforts and requirements of its customers, promoting products and increasing trends of fashion. It is also encouraging new ideas, importing and distributing whatever your company needs to produce innovative, high quality and competitive products.


Our company, using all the ways of transportation, is always in touch with its customers and corresponds to their needs, by sending the products in the most competitive time, within Greece and abroad.


For any order of buttons, tailor buttons, fusible patches, caps, eyelets, buckles, press buttons, jeans buttons & rivets, shoelace stop and any other you may need, our company is at your service.


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